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Princess Zelda (Student)

The Teacher is a character who appears within Spirit Tracks. As his name suggests, he is Princess Zelda's personal teacher.


Teacher is first seen during the Graduation Ceremony, where he first gives Zelda the Engineer Certificate, who then presents it to Link.

After Link and Alfonzo are ambushed by Chancellor Cole and Byrne on their way to the Tower of Spirits, Link is knocked out cold and brought to Hyrule Castle. Once Link awakes, he finds that it was Teacher who heard the noise outside and that the Castle Guards brought Link back in.[1] Teacher asks Link what happened, and Link has the option of telling the truth or not. Teacher does not always have common sense, as when Link first tells Teacher that Zelda has been kidnapped, Teacher's initial response is that he must go and tell the princess immediately.[2] He eventually realizes that he cannot tell Zelda, since she isn't here, and another idea of his is to the tell the Chancellor, only to realize that he could very well be a monster.[3] Even after telling the Teacher what happened to Zelda, he appears to be in denial, thinking that maybe she is just out of the Castle on an adventure.[4][5] Afterwards, at different stations, one of which is Hyrule Castle, Teacher is dressed up in a disguise looking for Princess Zelda. He rewards Link with Rupees for his services.



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