Sage Temple Cave

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Sage Temple Cave







Sage Temple Cave is a location in Tears of the Kingdom. It is located at the Sage Temple Ruins between Jeddo Bridge and the Giant's Forest.

Tears of the Kingdom

The cave is entered by following a large drop into water. Going deeper into the cave reveals a ruined basement that is covered in red destructible rocks. Removing them on the left side of the structure leads deaper into the cave, where a Bubbulfrog can be seen through some metal bars, right next to a chest containing a Royal Claymore. Going through the archway leads to a tombstone with the following inscription:

"A sword was enshrined in this temple to honor the sages. It was moved to Thypio, north of the Great Forest of Hyrule."

Bubbulfrog Location

The Bubbulfrog can be found by removing all of the red destructible rocks from the ruined basement structure at the entrance of the cave and using the stairs. One can also Ascend to the top of the structure around the Treasure Chest to reach it.

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