Quatta's Shelf

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Quatta's Shelf is a location from Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

Quatta's Shelf is a hilly region in East Necluda, located northeast of Kakariko Village. The area looks over the Lanayru Wetlands located just to the northwest. The hills are covered in tall grass with some animal-life nearby, including Mountain Goats and Grassland Fox.

Down the hill to the northwest, there is a bombable wall that can be blown up. Inside there are a number of wooden creates and barrels that have Apples and Arrows. There are also a pair of treasure chests here containing some Bomb Arrows and a Purple Rupee. A Rusty Broadsword and Rusty Shield can be found on the ground of the cave. At the back of the cave, there is some Ore with a Bladed Rhino Beetle crawling around on top of it.




Nearby Korok Seeds

One tree has too many apples. Make it look like the others.

Remove apples from the tree with too many until it looks like the other two.