Pyramid Jewel

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The Pyramid Jewel[1], also referred to as the Pyramid Stone, is a quest item found within Oracle of Seasons. It is one of the four collectible Jewels, along with the X-Shaped Jewel, Square Jewel, and the Round Jewel. Link must collect all four of these jewels in order to gain entrance to the Tarm Ruins.

The Pyramid Jewel is can be found in an underwater cavern, located just east of the entrance to the Dancing Dragon Dungeon. On the same screen with the dungeon entrance, there is some water just to the east. Link can dive underwater at the northeast corner and can then swim until he finds the Pyramid Jewel.

Linked Game

In a Linked Game, the jewel can be found within a Treasure Chest located within the Woods of Winter. Link can also reach this cavern by diving down the water at the south central portion of the Sunken City. The treasure chest at the northwest corner of the cave contains the Pyramid Jewel, but as soon as Link opens it, Vire will appear, claiming to be one of Onox's loyal henchman. Vire will toss the Pyramid Jewel onto the higher ledge to the right, but will then immediately give Link a clue on how to reach the jewel. Vire tells Link that the falls flow from the Sunken City.[2]

Link must leave the cave and return to the Sunken City. At the south central portion of the city, Link can dive underwater, sending him back to the cave with the Vire. Link can walk along the right side of the cave to reach the higher ledge where the Pyramid Jewel was thrown.


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