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Artwork from Hyrule Historia






Rei (Sister)

Joe is a boy from Spirit Tracks who resides within Aboda Village. His family, consisting of his father, mother, and his sister, Rei, make up the majority of the population of the small town.


If Link speaks with Joe at the start of the game, he makes fun of Link for not even being able to do a somersault. He teaches Link how to properly roll by tapping twice in the direction that Link wants to go.[1] After rolling into the tree, a honeycomb drops down, causing a bunch of Bees to get riled up. Joe calls Link a klutz and encourages him to go jump in the water so that he doesn't get hurt by the bees' sting.[2] The boy then runs off to the right, away from the bees. If Link talks to Joe afterwards, he apologizes and says that he was just goofing off. As an apology, he gives Link a common Treasure piece.[3] Talking to him further, Joe just wishes good luck to Link at his graduation ceremony.[4]

Later in the game, Joe asks Link if he knows of a place that he could go and fly like a bird, because he has always dreamed of doing so.[5] If Link says he does, Joe eagerly asks if Link will take him there on his train.[6] Like most passengers, he cannot board the train if Link has someone else on board, and he complains and eventually leaves the train if Link does not follow the signs found alongside the tracks or is attacked by enemies.[7][8] However, once Link takes him to Beedle's Air Shop, he becomes excited at the thought that it can fly, although he is confused about Beedle and his odd appearance.[9] Although Beedle tries to defend himself, Joe ignores him and thanks Link, awarding him with a Force Gem.[10][11]

When Link returns to him again, he explains how amazing it was that he flew, although he felt very floaty and cold.[12]




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