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HM-Fusion GDC 2006


March 2006





Eiji Aonuma talks about Twilight Princess at Game Developers Conference 2006.



HM-Fusion: Firstly, Anouma-San thank you for talking to us today.
Eiji Aonuma: You are very welcome.
HM: We'd like to start if we may, by asking about the delay to Zelda: Twilight Princess. Is there anything you would like to say to the millions of fans waiting for this worldwide?
EA: Firstly I feel I must thank everyone for their patience but we are striving to make Twilight Princess the best game it can be. It is our wish to make it a better game than Ocarina of Time.
HM: What changes are you making that require a year of extra production?
EA: I cannot be too specific with game details, after all that would spoil the surprise of playing! But we are adding some extra elements that will excite gamers.
HM: Like Revolution controller support?
EA: We will be utilizing the Revolution hardware although not in a way many will expect.
HM: I'd love a version of Ocarina's fishing game using the controller.
EA: That would be a fun game wouldn't it.
HM: Reports have suggested that Twilight Princess will take over 100 hours to complete is this accurate?
EA: It will of course depend on the individual player but we estimate most will like to explore the world thoroughly, therefore 100 hours would seem correct.
HM: Are there more dungeons in this game?
EA: We have more than any previous Zelda game, myself and Mr Miyamoto are working hard on creating some unique and surprising dungeons to play through.
HM: Those seen at E3 seemed to be based on animals rather than wind, earth, fire elements etc. are you using animals to inspire the design of the dungeons?
EA: We felt that many elements of the previous games had been getting quite tired, and we were getting quite stuck designing fun puzzles that hadn't been seen before. Mr Miyamoto suggested we take a different approach this time and we decided upon animal themes. I think it creates a fresh experience for both the players and us as designers.
HM: Will we see a return of Jabu-Jabu? Or another dungeon based inside a creature?
EA: I cannot say at this time.
HM: Speaking of returning characters, will we see Tingle, Saria or Navi returning?
EA: We have many characters, some old and some new but I cannot say which ones you will see. Some may return but have a different appearance.
HM: How about the Zoras?
EA: Would it be a Zelda game without the Zoras? We will have to see.
HM: What elements of Twilight Princess are you most pleased with?
EA: I am happy to say that my puzzles have brought me the most pleasure! But seriously, I am very happy with all of the game, we have tried to create a fresh experience so that even players who have grown up with this series can say 'I haven't seen that before!' but at the same time giving them some familiar elements as well.
HM: Has the mature look helped or hindered the design process?
EA: It has been a challenge! We have had to change the way Link walks and interacts with the world so that he fits in a more realistic looking environment and there are many elements that appeared in The Wind Waker that would look out of place in this world. So in that sense it has been hard, but I think we have accomplished our targets.
HM: Were you saddened by the reaction to The Wind Waker's graphical style?
EA: It is hard not to be, I am sad that some of our biggest fans were upset by the cartoon look. I felt it allowed us to show Link's world in a more expressive way but if players prefer a realistic game then it is up to us to rise to the challenge and produce one.
HM: Will we see any bonus features included with Twilight Princess, such as making off or unlock-able artwork?
EA: We have planned to include some extras for dedicated players to unlock.
HM: Will there be on a bonus disc as with The Wind Waker?
EA: With the size of the game it may have to! We are currently considering adding a second disc as a bonus but this has yet to be finalized. I think Mr Iwata is keen for this to happen but we shall see.

This was originally intended to be a three-part interview. Nintendo has issued them to take it down though, so this is the only part that has been published.