Darknut Sword

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This article is about the enemy weapon from The Wind Waker. For the material from Hyrule Warriors, see Large Darknut Sword.
Darknut Sword



Carried by Darknuts


Defeat enemies

The Darknut Sword is an enemy weapon in The Wind Waker. The weapon is used by Darknuts and Mighty Darknuts and it is one of the most powerful weapons that Link can acquire. The Darknut Sword is more powerful than the Hero's Sword, as well as the Master Sword. It isn't until the Master Sword is fully restored that Link can acquire a more powerful weapon than the Darknut Sword.

When battling against a Darknut, it can use the sword to knock down large pillars, revealing Recovery Hearts, Rupees, or Arrows. Link can gain possession of the Darknut Sword by using a Counterattack, causing the sword to drop to the floor below.

Link is unable to carry the sword between rooms, and will automatically drop it when leaving.

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