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There are many glitches found in Breath of the Wild. Some glitches can be used in order to perform speedruns, and others for useful effects. Some of the glitches and how to do them can be found below.

Speedrunning Glitches

These are glitches used by many speedrunners in the speedrun category "Any%".

Whistle Sprint

Main article: Whistle Sprint

Whistle Sprinting lets you sprint without using stamina, and is probably the easiest glitch to preform. To do it, just hold the d-pad down while repeatedly pressing B, and run around. You will se that Link is going the speed he does when sprinting, yet his stamina wheel doesn't deplete.

BTB (Bullet Time Bounce)

Bullet Time Bounces let you paraglide extremely quickly in a particular direction.

Wind Bomb

Similar to Bullet Time Bounces, Wind bombs let you paraglide extremely quickly in a particular direction.

SKEW/Shield Clipping

Shield Clipping lets you go through the wall and floor of almost anything, letting you enter shrines without activing the Great Plateau Tower

Shrine of Resurrection Clip

The 'Shrine of Resurrection Clip lets you clip through the wall of the Shrine of Resurrection, allowing the weather to always be sunny, the time to always be 5:15, and allowing you to not watch the opening cutscene for the game.

Infinite Horse Stamina

Main article: Infinite Horse Stamina

Performing this technique fully recharges a horse's stamina while riding.

Fall Damage Cancel

Main article: Fall Damage Cancel

Performing this technique will allow Link to fall from any height without taking fall damage. Since the Paraglider performs the same function much more easily, this technique is only used on the Great Plateau before obtaining the Paraglider.

One-shot Windblight Ganon

If aimed in the exact right spot, Windblight Ganon can be one-shotted using this glitch.

Other Glitches

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Moon Jump

Moon Jump is a glitch that allows you to jump infinitely, meaning by repeatedly pressing X you could go up as far as you want. You get it at the Mounted Archery Camp

Getting the Master Sword Early

This is pretty self-explanatory, it lets you get the Master Sword with less than 13 hearts.

Item Duplication

Item Duplication lets you duplicate weapons, bows, and shields.

Arrow Duplication

This is technically not a glitch, but it's explained here anyway.

Durability Transfer

Durability Transfer' allows you to transfer the durability of one weapon to another weapon.

Infinite Guardian Parts

This lets you collect as many guardian parts as you could ever need.

30 Hearts

This glitch allows you to get a full 30 permanent hearts, rather than the 28 the game allows you to have.

Infinite Koroks

This lets you get infinite Korok Seeds.

Panic Blood Moon

Panic Blood Moons are normal blood moons, but happen randomly, such as during the day.

Leaving Dark Beast Ganon Battle

Flying Machine

Horse Spawning

Sniper Link

Spaghetti Link

Overpowered on Eventide

Riding Sidon Anywhere (Ridon)

Disabled Water Physics

Hyrule Car

Infinite Rupees