Fall Damage Cancel

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Fall Damage Cancel



Any weapon


Allows Link to fall from any height without taking damage

Fall Damage Cancel is a technique used in Breath of the Wild. Performing this technique will allow Link to fall from any height without taking fall damage. Since the Paraglider performs the same function much more easily, this technique is only used on the Great Plateau before obtaining the Paraglider.

How-To Perform

  • Link must have a weapon equipped.
  • As Link is falling, hold the throw weapon button (R). When Link is about to hit the ground, let go of the throw weapon button (R) and immediately unequip your active weapon.
  • If you have a shield, you can also change or unequip your shield instead of unequipping your active weapon.


  • When using other techniques that send Link high into the air (e.g., a Stasis Launch), a Fall Damage Cancel is required for Link to land safely if the Paraglider has not yet been acquired.
  • In speedruns, Fall Damage Cancel is not allowed in Bug-Limit categories.