Abe and Rose's House

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Abe and Rose's House





Abe and Rose's House is a building found on Outset Island in The Wind Waker. It is home to Abe, Rose, Joel, and Zill.


The house is located on the east side of Outside of Island, at the top of the hill, adjacent to Orca and Sturgeon's House. Just outside the house, there is a small hutch and paddock that was built the same day that Link begins his quest.[1]

Pet Pig

Rose wants to get a pet and keep it in the new pen that she just built and thinks that her two boys would enjoy having a pet around. There are three pigs scattered about on Outset Island and Link can sneak up and capture them. With Rose's husband Abe's guidance, Link can catch all three pigs and bring them over to Rose for a rupee reward. Later in the quest, one of hte pigs has grown much larger. Link can grab that pig and take it to the west side of Outset Island, just outside of Mesa's House. After dropping some All-Purpose Bait, the big will dig up a Piece of Heart.



  1. "I suppose I should congratulate you on your birthday, shouldn't I? Well, to tell the truth, I could congratulate myself, too. We just finished building our little hutch and paddock today! Isn't it a delightful addition to the place? I was actually thinking of getting a pet and keeping it here. The boys would really like that, I'm sure. Boys love pets!" — Rose, The Wind Waker.