Phantom Hourglass Trading Sequence
When you complete the sequence, you get the Swordsman's Scroll.

Hero's New Clothes
 - The trading quest can begin once Link gains access to the northeast quadrant. The first stop is the resident travelerís ship found in this quadrant, and once Link boards the ship, the door will close behind him and the room will fill with enemies. There are a few octoroks, a blue chuchu, a yellow chuchu, and even a huge zora warrior. Defeat them just have you have done before, using the boomerang to stun the chuchuís and the zora warrior. However, if you have already conquered Mutohís Temple and have the hammer. Use it on all of the enemies in this room and it should make your life much easier.

 - Once all the enemies have been defeated, nothing happens and there is nowhere to go. So just try leaving the ship and sailor of the ship, the Man of Smiles, will come down and greet you. He is so happy that you defeated the enemies and calls your work, Ďincredibleí. After he finishes applauding your work, keep talking to him and he will offer Link a choice of awards. Choose the mysterious gift, and the man will give Link the heroís new clothes. He explains that these were worn by a hero of ancient times. However, the man is so generous he gives Link the other prize as well, which is a treasure map. After gaining your items, you can now leave your ship.

 - So letís see, who in the world would want a set of clothes from a hero? Hmm, how about the traveler in the northwest quadrant he resembles Link. Sail over to the northwest quadrant or simply use the cyclone slate and draw the backwards N symbol. Sail on over and board the travelerís ship, which he conveniently calls the ship the Ďred lionsí.

 - His name is Nyeve, so speak to the green dressed fellow. After speaking with him, he is very excited and states that he can sense the heroís new clothes and classifies them as collectable items. Trade him the clothes and in exchange for them, Nyeve will give Link a telescope, although it really is just a kaleidoscope. Your work here is done, so leave his ship.

Guard Notebook
 - Our next destination is the travelerís ship in the southeast quadrant. Warp to the cyclone slate that has a modified W like symbol and then sail to the ship. The ho-ho tribe are the ones who live aboard this ship and the one in need of the telescope is at the bottom-left of the room. He is incredibly excited about the telescope. In fact, once he sees his name heís so excited that he bites his tongue. After thanking Link for the telescope, he hands over a guard notebook.

Wood Heart
 - Now that you have the guard notebook and have been to three of the four travelerís ships, it seems obvious which one is next. Use the cyclone slate to warp over to the west side of the southwest quadrant. Sail on over to the travelerís ship to reunite yourself with Nyave. If you remember correctly, Nyave was missing his notebook, so once you show him the guard notebook, he notices it has his name on it and is so delighted that you found it. In exchange for returning the guard notebook, Nyave will give Link a wood heart.

Swordsman's Scroll
 - Our next destination isnít as straight forward as the last few, but it is the Old Wayfarerís Hut in the northwest quadrant. Warp on over and sail to the island. Once you arrive at the old manís hut, youíll notice that he is gone and all that is there is our mermaid friend, Joanne. Speak to her and she says the Old Wayfarer went outÖ wayfaring.

 - Use the cyclone slate yet again to warp to the southeast quadrant. You should immediately notice that there are now two travelerís ships in the quadrant. The one at the top-left portion of the map was never there before and this is in fact the Old Wayfarerís ship. Speak with him and he goes on about how romance is from the heart. Just keep listening to his blabber and then Link will eventually offer him the Wood Heart. He is very reluctant to do so, but he eventually thanks Link. After listening to all his blabbering, Link can now leave the ship. As he is walking out, the Old Wayfarer hints that he has a special gift for Link, but it isnít with him. It is at his hut on Bannan Island in a large treasure chest.

 - Use the cyclone slate to warp back to the northwest quadrant and then sail for Bannan Island. As Link approaches the island, a giant eye plant is blocking the path to dock at the island. This enemy is the same one that Link fought outside of Molida Island earlier. The weak spot of this massive plant is its eye at the top of its head. It is a good idea to create a large path for your ship to travel so that you donít have to worry about your ship stopping. Just trace a small path back and forth right near the giant eye plant. The eye plant will shoot green blobs at your ship, but they can be reflected away with a shot from your cannon. Once the eye opens up, take a shot with your cannon. Repeat this process until youíve hit the eye plant five times to defeat it. Then your path becomes clear once again so sail over to Bannan Island.

 - Walk over to the Old Wayfarerís hut once again and once you enter, youíll notice there is a large treasure chest waiting for you. Speak with the Old Wayfarer and he will say that you have earned what is in the treasure chest. Open it up to get the Swordsmanís Scroll. The memories of a veteran swordsmen flow through swordsmanís scroll. It allows Link to perform the great spin attack. To do so, just perform three regular spin attacks in a row. It works wonders if you want to defeat a bunch of enemies in a single room, or if you are just cutting down grass for some extra items.

Prize Postcard
 - Now that the trading quest is complete, something new is open for Link to accomplish. Actually, Link could have done this right after he saved the traveler in the northeast quadrant. Use the cyclone slate once again and set sail for the travelerís ship in the northeast quadrant. Once you climb aboard the ship, youíll notice that enemies have once again filled the bottom floor. Defeat them just as you did the first time around and then try leaving the room. The Man of Smiles will come down and thank you once again. Keep speaking to him and since he no longer has the heroís new clothes or a treasure map, he offers Link a new gift, the prize postcard.

 - Once you have postcard, you can visit any island in the game that has a postbox and deliver the postcard. Then, awhile later, Link will get a letter in return. It will either say youíve won or lost some contest, but either way, it is filled with a ship part or a treasure map. Each time you deliver a prize postcard you can return to the travelerís ship and get another one. It is an easy way to get some bonus treasures and ship parts.