Ocarina of Time Forest Stage Guide

About / How To Get There
In the Lost Woods in Ocarina of Time, there's a hidden area that has a secret hole called the Forest Stage. Inside, you can get free Rupees or even win fabulous prizes if you wear the correct mask!

If you don't have all the masks yet, click here to view our Masks guide.

To get to the Forest Stage, from the start of the lost woods, go right, left, right, left, left. This takes you to the hidden meadow. Go to the other side of this area into the tall grass and walk around where the butterflies are hanging out. There's a hidden hole here that leads to the Forest Stage.

There's a hidden hole near the butterflies.

Right, left, right, left, left.

Pleasing The Crowd

You need to wear a mask and stand on the platform.
Once you get to the Forest Stage, put on a mask and stand on the end of the platform to make the Deku appear and look you up and down. They certainly are a picky lot and if they don't like what they see, they'll all hunt you down and shoot you to death with Deku Nuts! If they do like it, they'll give you Rupees, heck yeah! There are two masks however which will grant you a different reaction, then their leader will gift you with an amazing prize!

"Hey Jeff, is that a booger in his nose, or is that just me?"

All The Masks
(Rupees or Shooting At You = Random per game?)

Keaton Mask

Skull Mask

Goron Mask

Zora Mask

Spooky Mask

Bunny Hood

Gerudo Mask

Mask of Truth
Which Ones Do They Like/Hate?
Let me be honest... I don't know.

When I originally made this page, I checked with several other sources who all had the same list. I followed their guide, sure enough, my results turned out the same. I even have it in video up a little ways on this page!

However, I have gotten many e-mails from people complaining about my list being inaccurate, giving me their own lists.

My Theory:
I believe in earlier versions of Ocarina of Time, there is a set pattern, but later versions (which also fixed the Deku Nut upgrade glitch,) are totally random (LAME). It looks like most people agree, however, that the Skull Mask and Mask of Truth give you the upgrades in the original set.

Other Reactions (Free Upgrades!)

Skull Mask
They love this mask! They'll crowd around you and show you to their leader who upgrades your Deku Sticks, allowing you to carry 10 more than you could before!
Mask of Truth
They're terrified of this mask =O go talk to their leader and he'll upgrade your Deku Nuts, allowing you to carry 10 more than you could before!

Unfortunately, there's a glitch in some of the earlier versions of Ocarina of Time in which you can't get this upgrade after you return from the future. Sorry guys!