Golden Wolf

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Golden Wolf
This article is about the character from Twilight Princess. For the common enemy in the Zelda Series, see White Wolfos.

The White Wolf, also known as the Golden Wolf, is the animal manifestation of the Hero's Spirit.

Link will first encounter the White Wolf after he has restored the Vessel of Light in the Faron region and is on his way to the Forest Temple. The White Wolf will be sitting right along the pathway and this is the only required time, where Link will need to interact with it. The White Wolf will seemingly attack Link, taking him to a Ghostly Ether world, with Hyrule Castle in the background. It is here the wolf transforms into the Hero's Spirit and will teach Link the first Hidden Skill, the Ending Blow.

Throughout Link's journey's he will encounter a number of Howling Stones. When he finds these stones, he can turn into Wolf Link and howl the tune that is coming from the stone. This will take Link to the Ghostly Ether where he will encounter the White Wolf once again. There he will howl in harmony with the wolf, which will then cause a White Wolf to appear somewhere on the Overworld Map. When Link visits the location of the White Wolf, once again Link will encounter the Hero's Spirit, where he will learn a Hidden Skill.