The Three Giant Brothers

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The Three Giant Brothers



Read Tablet at Mount Taran


The Three Giant Brothers is a Shrine Quest from Breath of the Wild.

Beginning the Quest

Northwest of Lurelin Village there are three areas with shallow water that are surrounding Mount Taran. This includes the Rabella Wetlands, Hanu Pond, and Uten Marsh. Right in the center of these three areas is a stone tablet with a trio of pedestals. Read the stone tablet to begin the Shrine Quest.[1]

The goal is to collect the three Ancient Orbs from the giants at the three respective regions and then place them in their respective pedestals.

The Three Giants

  • Just to the northeast is the Hanu Pond and here the Hinox (Youngest Kin) can be found. He is a Red Hinox and he carries one of the Ancient Orbs around his neck. Defeat him, grab the orb, and bring it back to the tablet. Place the orb in one of the three pedestals.



  1. The ancient orbs guarded by the giants of Mount Taran lead to the shrine. - Stone Tablet