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Regan is a character in Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

Regan can be found along the pathway at the Atun Valley, located just west of Lurelin Village. He is under a relentless attack from a Blue Bokoblin and has no weapon or shield to defend himself with. If Link defeats the Blue Bokoblin, Regan will reward him with a Mighty Meaty Rice Balls meal.[1]

Regan is originally from Lurelin Village, but he has left because the place stinks of cut-up bait and fish. Instead, he has left the village and is trying to make a living as a scavenger.[2] Although part of the reason he left is that he can't swim, making it a bit of a hazard for him to be a fisherman.[3]

As a scavenger, he can be seen examining a nearby wagon.[4] Link can examine that same wagon to find an Amber gem.

Regan can also be found just northwest of the Outskirt Stable, where he is being attacked by a Bokoblin. [5]



  1. You sure save my neck... Too bad I got nothing to pay you back with but pocket lint. Oh, and this, I guess. - Regan
  2. I ran away from Lurelin Village just up the road. The whole place stinks of cut-up bait and fish guts. Well, that's no life for me! I'm gonna make my living as a scavenger, fishing around Hyrule's rubble for neat stuff! Not much choice, really, since I...uh... can't swim... - Regan
  3. Go ahead, laugh! I don't care! Fishing is for suckers. I can make plenty of money without sitting on a dock all day! - Regan
  4. The best part about scavenging is you never know what kinda crazy stuff you'll find if you poke around long enough. Busted Guardians...old ruins... It's all chock-full of neat gizmos you can sell for beaucoup bucks! - Regan
  5. There I go, needing someone to bail me out again. But there's no way I'm going back to Lurelin Village! I gotta strike it rich so I can rub it in everyone's faces! - Regan