Phantom Sword

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Phantom Sword




Destroys Phantoms and Bellum


The Phantom Sword is the legendary blade in Phantom Hourglass. Link needs three Pure Metals to forge it. At first, Link only receives the Sword Blade that was made by the blacksmith Zauz, and he must then venture all the way back to Oshus in order to receive the hilt, completing the Phantom Sword. Link does not get this blade until right before the final dungeon, but it allows him to defeat Phantoms on his journey through the Temple of the Ocean King. Link can simply sneak behind a Phantom (which he can stun using the Bow) and slash the eye on its back, creating a puff of smoke that signals the defeat of the monster. This sword is also the only weapon that can kill Bellum, the final boss of the game. This item is very similar to the Lokomo Sword from Spirit Tracks, but that cannot kill Phantoms.


  • The jingle when Link gets the Phantom Sword is the same for obtaining the Master Sword. The blade's appearance resembles that of the Master Sword as well.