Northern Icehouse

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Northern Icehouse



The Northern Icehouse is a location in Breath of the Wild.


The icehouse is an underground storage facility that is managed by Anche, a Gerudo guard. The icehouse is used to store ice that is brought down from the mountains where it is kept cool in the underground storage building before it is later needed by Furosa at Gerudo Town.

The Perfect Drink

Main article: The Perfect Drink

As part of The Perfect Drink shrine quest, Link will be tasked with visiting the Northern Icehouse. Here he will need to get some ice and carry it across the ruins towards Gerudo Town. He will need to move rapidly as the ice will melt due to the hot sun that shines down. After successfully bringing some to Furosa, she will be able to make some Noble Pursuit over at The Noble Canteen. Link can then relay the news to Pokki, who will quickly run over to the bar, which in turn will complete the shrine quest.


  • It's unknown whether the massive rock formation on top of the Icehouse is a natural formation, or was placed there through artificial means. Given its size, it's possible that if artificially constructed, the Divine Beast Vah Naboris may have been used as a means to do so.
  • It's implied that the underground water spring at the Icehouse is melt water from the Gerudo Highlands.
  • As exposed in the shrine quest, the ice procured at the Icehouse is brought to town at great peril of monster attacks, this being the reason why it's run by a Gerudo Guard.
  • The causeway leading to the Icehouse is a ruined facility sporting many columns and altars, implying that the ice procured there may have had ceremonial purposes.
  • The ice rock on the far end of the Icehouse interior can be melted, but the ice blocks cannot. This cannot be done when Anche is awake, as she will kick out Link for lighting a fire inside the facility.


Nearby Korok Seeds

Climb up to the seed platform a short bit to the north, then race to the ring.

The seed platform is at the top of the ruins a bit to the north. Race to the ring for the seed.