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Mimo is a character in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

Mimo is a Rito and appears on Eventide Island, after Link has completed the Stranded on Eventide quest and entered the Korgu Chideh Shrine.

Mimo has traveled to Eventide to find his freedom and wants to life free and unrestricted, like the wind. He asks Link if he too would like to live like the wind.[1][2] Mimo will offer to help train Link on the ways of the wind. Here is where Mimo will offer Link to play on his obstacle course.[3]

Mimo's Ring Course

Main article: Mimo's Ring Course

Mimo's Ring Course is a mini-game run by Mimo. It will cost Link 20 rupees to play and Mimo will setup the obstacle course.[4][5][6]

Link must leap off of the ledge and use the Paraglider to glide through various rings. There are a number of updrafts throughout the course, allowing Link to regain some elevation.[7] If Link falls to the ground floor, the game will end and Mimo will come and get Link, bringing him back to near the Shrine.[8]

Tears of the Kingdom

See also: Flight Research


  1. What are you doing all the way up here? - Mimo
  2. Then you are in for disappointment. The only object to be found here is this strange building. What is my purpose here, you ask? I suppose...I am here to find my freedom. In a manner of speaking. I want to live as the wind does-free and unrestricted. To bid here and listen to its voice offers a taste of that freedom. Don't you long to be like the wind too? - Mimo
  3. I think we will be fast friends. I've never felt such kinship with a Hylian before. Your style of wing is different than mine but similar enough that I think you could undergo my training to become the wind. - Mimo
  4. It lifts my spirits to hear of your keen interest. I require 20 rupees to set up a course for you to train. Is that acceptable? - Mimo
  5. You should wait here while I prepare the course for you. - Mimo
  6. That took longer than I expected. My apologies. But it is ready now for you to fly whenever you are ready. - Mimo
  7. I recommend...the route over there. It can be enjoyable to waft along on a calm breeze. But the choice is ultimately yours. Whatever you decide, the wind will welcome you. - Mimo
  8. Hmmm. Stay there and I will come collect you, my flightless friend. - Mimo