Mimo's Ring Course

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Mimo's Ring Course






Green-rupee.png 20


Glide Through Rings


Green-rupee.png 20-Green-rupee.png 300


Mimo's Ring Course is a mini-game located at the Koholit Rock on Eventide Island. The mini-game is run by Mimo, who will only appear after Link has completed the Stranded on Eventide shrine quest and went through the Korgu Chideh Shrine.

It will cost Link 20 rupees to play and Mimo will setup the obstacle course.[1][2][3] Link must leap off of the ledge and use the Paraglider to glide through various rings. There are a number of updrafts throughout the course, allowing Link to regain some elevation.[4] If Link falls to the ground floor, the game will end and Mimo will come and get Link, bringing him back to near the Shrine.[5]


Targets Hit Response Reward
0 - 19
Hmm? How many rings did you achieve? __? I appear to have overestimated your skill a bit, it seems. You may be unaccustomed to flying. But this is nothing a bit of practice on my course can't correct.
20 - 24
Hmm...__ rings. A fair showing, but you are not yet one with the wind. Still, I suppose you deserve this participation award.
25 - 29
You achieved __ rings, hm? Very good. You take to your strange wings quite well. Here, this is for you.
30 - 49
You achieved __ rings?! That is wonderful! Your score is unsurpassed, even by we Rito! You have truly become one with the wind, and so I must insist that you accept this reward.
__?! Unbelievable... Are you certain you're not a Rito in disguise?! To see you soar was a rare treat. Here, you deserve be rewarded in kind.



  1. "It lifts my spirits to hear of your keen interest. I require 20 rupees to set up a course for you to train. Is that acceptable?", Mimo
  2. "You should wait here while I prepare the course for you.", Mimo
  3. "That took longer than I expected. My apologies. But it is ready now for you to fly whenever you are ready.", Mimo
  4. "I recommend...the route over there. It can be enjoyable to waft along on a calm breeze. But the choice is ultimately yours. Whatever you decide, the wind will welcome you.", Mimo
  5. "Hmmm. Stay there and I will come collect you, my flightless friend.", Mimo