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Hydrant - TotK icon.png



Generate water


Hydrant are Zonai Devices from Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom

"A Zonai device that gushes water when struck. According to legend, sky islands saw water shortages long ago but became lush and fertile thanks to this technology."

Tears of the Kingdom In-game description

When struck, hydrants send out a continuous stream of water from their nozzles, which can cool lava to make stone platforms. Kadaunar Shrine ("Water Makes a Way") serves as a training ground for their use.

If Link activates them then, after extended use - either consistently or intermittently - they flash green and disappear. This also applies if they are fused to Mineru's construct.

They can be obtained randomly from Device Dispensers as Zonai Capsules, or lying around occasionally in the overworld.


  • If Link uses the Hydrant to "water" plants around Hyrule, some NPCs will respond by thanking you for watering them.