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Cooke (host)

Gomo is a character found in Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom

When Link first arrives at the Bedrock Bistro, Gomo can be found sitting down nearby. He had recently heard about the boom in Marbled Rock Roast and had to interupt his travels to come back it out. However, once he arrived he realized that they were out of stock. He comments to Link that regardless of how tasty it is, he doesn't think edible rocks sound too appealing to a Hylian.[1][2]

Cash In on Ripened Flint

Main article: Cash In on Ripened Flint

After completing the Meat for Meat quest, Link can speak with Gomo, found sitting next to the Bedrock Bistro. He's still upset that Marbled Rock Roast is not on the menu yet. Gomo, also known as Gomo the goromand, is a rich and well-travelled connoisseur of rock-based delicacies. His favourite dish is Ripened Flint, a rare treat that exactly resembled regular Flint until it is tasted. Link can offer him 20, 50 or 100 Flint to see whether one is Ripened. If one is, Gomo will provide him with 1000 Rupees. If not, Link gets nothing in exchange.[3][4][5] This begins the Cash In on Ripened Flint on quest. At any point, Link can trade in some Flint, as long as he has at least 20 pieces.[6]

After giving Gomo some flint, he will devour it.[7] If one of the pieces happens to be Ripened Flint, Gomo will reward Link with 1,000 rupeees.[8] This will complete the quest. Link can continue to give Gomo more flint to try out. If there is no ripened flint, he will not give Link any award, but will continue to give 1,000 rupees if he eats some ripened flint.[9]


  • Gomo bears a striking resemblance to Colonel Sanders, the founder and mascot of Kentucky Fried Chicken.



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