Forest of Spirits

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Forest of Spirits



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The Forest of Spirits is a location on the Great Plateau in Breath of the Wild. It is a dense woods with many Apple trees and various plants. Many Woodland Boar can be spotted here, which can be a great source of food early in the game. Towards the center of the forest a clearing can be found, where Link will encounter Stone Talus, one of the many overworld bosses in the game.

Nearby Korok Seeds

Pick up this rock.

Climb to the top of this land structure and pick up the solitary rock.

Burn the leaves and pick up the rock.

Under this tree burn the leaves and pick up the rock.

Follow the flower trail.

Go to the giant decayed tree trunk that is laying on its side and follow the flowers.

Use Magnesis to lift the ball on the chain into the hole of the tree trunk.

Just north of the forest is a tree trunk that has a chain going into the water and a hole in it. Lift the ball out of the water and place it in the hole.

Pick up the rock.

Just north of the forest are two big rocks leaning against each other. Right under them is a smaller rock that you must pick up.