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Rivan (Father)
Trello (Grandfather)

Dunma is a character in Breath of the Wild.


Dunma is a Zora guard who stands at the entrance of Zora's Domain, near the Great Zora Bridge. She can be seen wielding a Zora Spear and will stand guard 24-hours a day, right alongside her father, Rivan.

Dunma will welcome Link to Zora's Domain, noting that Link is the Hylian that Prince Sidon brought to the domain.[1] Initially the only things that Link will ask Dunma is if she's a female, as well as how old she is. Dunma will scald Link for asking about her age, saying that it is not the kind of question somebody asks when they first meet a lady. Without giving any specifics, she tells Link that she is less than 100 years old.[2][3][4]

Link is able to ask Dunma about some of the people of Zora's Domain. Dunma will tell Link that King Dorephan is the ruler of Zora's Domain, as well as the father of Sidon and Mipha.[5] His throne room is right up the big staircase, and then up one more floor.[6] She will also tell Link about Pricon Sidon. Despite him being the successor to the throne, he's very sociable and he's very popular among the Zora youth. Although some of the elders don't understand why Sidon behaves in the way that he does.[7]


  1. Ah, so you're the Hylian that Prince Sidon brought... I believe this is our first meeting, yes? My name is Dunma. - Dunma
  2. ...My, how observant you are. Is there a problem? - Dunma
  3. That is NOT an appropriate question to ask a lady you've just met! *sigh* Let's just say I'm less than 100 years old. Can't you tell? I'm so much less formal than the elders... aren't I? By the way, did you need something from me? - Dunma
  4. How many times do I have to tell you?! I'm less than 100 years old! You can tell, can't you? - Dunma
  5. King Dorephan is the regal ruler of Zora's Domain. He is also the father of Prince Sidon and Lady Mipha. - Dunma
  6. To get to King Dorephan's throne room, go up that big staircase and then up one more floor. Take care to mind your manners! - Dunma
  7. Prince Sidon is King Dorephan's son. Despite his position as true successor to the throne...he's very sociable. That makes him popular with the youth. However, there are those among the elders who do not comprehend why he behaves as he does. - Dunma