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Breath of the Wild
Zora's Domain
Tears of the Kingdom
Mipha Court


Dunma (Daughter)
Trello (Father)

Rivan is a Zora character in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

Rivan is a Zora guard who stands at the entrance of Zora's Domain, near the Great Zora Bridge. He can be seen wielding a Silverscale Spear and will stand guard 24-hours a day, right alongside his daughter, Dunma. Rivan will immediately recognize Link as Master Link, the Hylian Champion from 100 years ago. Rivan and Link use to swim together back 100 years ago, when Rivan was still a child.[1] Rivan is 130 years old and when he looks at Link, he realizes that he has aged unbelievably well. He even wonders how Link could even by alive, as Hylian's don't tend to live that long.[2] He is quickly interrupted by his daughter, as she doesn't think that is appropriate comment to say to Link.[3]

Rivan mentions the elder group, which includes his father Trello, as well Bazz and Gaddison. They have all aged quite a bit, but Rivan warns Link that he probably shouldn't speak to any of the elder Zora. While his father is now in charge of the Champion Festival and bears the Ceremonial Trident, Trello and the rest of the elders blame Link for taking Lady Mipha away from them.[4][5]

After Rivan finds out that Link doesn't remember anything, he offers to refresh his memory by providing some information. He tells the story about how Link and Mipha battled against Calamity Ganon 100 years ago, but before getting into the details, he mentions that this is something Link should speak with King Dorephan about.[6][7]

Rivan will guide Link to the Throne Room, by telling him to walk up either of the large staircases, and then up another set of stairs to reach King Dorephan.[8]

After Link has appeased the Divine Beast Vah Ruta, the sky will finally clear over Zora's Domain. Rivan wants to take his daughter on a trip to celebrate, but he is unfortunately stuck at his guard post.[9]

Tears of the Kingdom

Rivan can be found in Mipha Court, standing watch for Sidon, who is helping to clean the area of Sludge. He is happy to see that Link has arrived, and encourages him to speak with Sidon.



  1. So the Hylian that Prince Sidon brought here... Don't tell me... Master Link! Is it truly you? The Hylian Champion?! It's me! Rivan! We used to swim together when I was but a child... Remember? - Rivan
  2. Well, it has been 100 years since then. And now I'm over 130 years old... I must say, you've aged well for a Hylian. Unbelievably well! Now that I think about it-shouldn't you be dead? Sorry. That may be too personal a question. - Rivan
  3. *AHEM* Father... We are on guard duty right now. - Dunma
  4. Oh, right... Sorry. The leader of the pack, Bazz... The heroine, Gaddison... And my father, Trello... They have all aged quite a bit, I'm afraid. But they are all doing well. Oh... But, Master Link, you probably shouldn't speak to the elderly. Oops! Sorry for keeping you too long. You have business in the throne room, right? Please proceed there at your earliest convenience. - Rivan
  5. Trello is my father. Since retiring, he has been in charge of the Champion Festival. It is he who now bears the Ceremonial Trident. But, Master Link... You really should not speak with any of the elderly here. Including my father. As for me... Well... I just do not believe you are guilty of anything! - Rivan
  6. I mean... Master Link... You and Lady Mipha fought Calamity Ganon 100 years ago. Don't you recall? Master Link... You really don't remember anything, do you? OK! In that case, ask me anything you want to! - Rivan
  7. Lady Mipha is the princess of the Zora and Prince Sidon's elder sister. She is also the Zora Champion. That means she was able to command the Divine Beast Vah Ruta. But unfortunately...Lady Mipha was... Well, 100 years ago...Calamaity Ganon... I should not be the one telling you this. Sorry. Please ask King Dorephan if you wish to know more. Is there anything else you want to ask? - Rivan
  8. The throne room is where King Dorephan and Prince Sidon can be found. You can use either staircase to go up. When you get to the second floor, the throne room is up and to the back. - Rivan
  9. Nothing to report, Master Link. The sky is clear for the first time in a bit! I would like to celebrate by taking my daughter on a trip, but I cannot afford to leave my post... By the way... Master Link, are you going to fight Calamity Ganon again? - Rivan