Bunnio's House

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Rabbitland Rescue Man's House
The interior of the House



The Rabbitland Rescue Man's House is the home of the Rabbitland Rescue Man and his wife. It is located in Castle Town, on the west side just below the Cucco Pen.

Force Gem

This location plays a part in a Force Gem quest. After completing the Ocean Temple, Link can come here and find a woman saying that her rabbit-loving husband has vanished and she is very worried about him.[1] After much talking, she will ask Link if he has seen him.[2] He can tell her he does, and offer her a ride. She will greatly accept it, and rush to the train.[3][4] After arriving at the Rabbitland Rescue station, she seems very excited to she her husband again, thanking Link.[5] She will also ponder what to say to him, saying it's been so long.[6] She ends up yelling at him, telling him that his outift is ridiculous.[7] She will also guess he has been frolicing with the bunnies again, and scolds him for that, too.[8] After a couple of very poor attempts to explain things by the Rabbitland Rescue Man,[9][10] his wife storms off, asking Link to drive her home.[11] However, while Link is preparing to exit, she changes her mind, saying she will stay and try to work things out with her husband.[12][13] She will reward Link with a Force Gem for his efforts.

For the remainder of the game, the home will remain empty.