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My name is Zucchini.

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Zelda Games I've Completed

Zelda Games Beaten on 3-Heart Challenge/Hero Mode


Skyward Sword favorite...

  • Item: Beetle-This thing has so many functions, I use it so often!
  • Boss: Tentalus-I love this battle, especially when you must escape the sinking ship. Cutting the tentacles is so satisfying!
  • Character: Scrapper-Heh heh, robot affection.

Skyward Sword least favorite...

  • Item: Goddess's Harp-Compared to other instruments in the series, this isn't much fun to play. All you do is slide the Wiimote back and forth; there's really no skill involved.
  • Boss: The Imprisoned-You fight him so many times, and each time he's pretty much the same... I got bored with him by the second time.
  • Character: Faron-You've fought through temples, beaten their bosses, and even got sacred water for her, but Faron still won't trust you until you find her music tadpole-things. Yeah, you've confronted and battled the Demon Lord, so logically she decides it's fitting to make you find her swimming music notes that she hid in the first place. Oh yeah, and she flooded Faron Woods for practically no reason, making the cute little Kikwis scared.