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Tingle Secret


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Seed Satchel capacity upgrade.


The Tingle Secret is a Secret from Oracle of Seasons used within Oracle of Ages. Link will first need to complete Oracle of Ages and start a Linked Game record of Oracle of Seasons.

Learn the Secret

The Tingle Secret can first be learned during Link's journey after Link has acquires the Winter season. One screen to the east of the entrance of the second dungeon, Snake's Remains there is a tree stump, along with a pair of caves. Use the Tree Stump to change the season to Winter. This will allow Link to walk over the ice and access the cave on the left.

Inside, Link will find a Great Fairy. When speaking to her, she will give you a Secret to tell to a man who thinks he is a fairy.[1]

Tell the Secret

Return to the Oracle of Ages game and head over to the Forest of Time. Tell the secret to Tingle, located atop of the rocky terrain. When talking to Tingle, he will ask if you know any secrets that are cooler than Tingle. [2] After telling Tingle the secret, Tingle admits that Link is far cooler than Tingle.[3] As a reward for telling him the secret, Tingle will upgrade Link's Seed Satchel. This will allow Link to carry 30, 50, or 99 Mystical Seeds, depending on whether Link has gotten any of the previous upgrades.


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