Tarm Ruins

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Tarm Ruins

The Tarm Ruins are a location in Oracle of Seasons. It is found west from the Northern Peak, east from the Lost Woods, and north from Spool Swamp. Link can only access the ruins once he has obtained the Pyramid Jewel, the Square Jewel, the X-Shaped Jewel, and the Round Jewel. It is also where the sixth dungeon, the Ancient Ruins is located.

The Member's Card is needed to access the lower level of the Horon Village Shop, where Link can obtain the map with the locations of the jewels needed to access Tarm Ruins.

In the Tarm Ruins Link can find a Gale Seed Tree and an Old Man who will charge Link for breaking his door.

In the Winter season Link can find the Golden Lynel, which he needs to kill in order to obtain the Red Ring.