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Breath of the Wild
Travels the road between the Tabantha Bridge Stable, Serenne Stable, and Snowfield Stable
Tears of the Kingdom
Spring of Wisdom

Nazbi is a Hylian traveler in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

Nazbi can be found travelling around around Serenne Stable, Tabantha Bridge Stable and the Snowfield Stable, riding his horse 'Dauntless'.

Tears of the Kingdom

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Nazbi can be found at the Spring of Wisdom. Upon arrival, he greets Link and tells him the tale of treasure on Mount Lanayru.[1]. He then goes on to explain the legend.[2].

Upon completing the Shrine Quest, The High Spring and the Light Rings, Nazbi will congratulate you on a well-earned finding of the treasure.[3].


  1. "Hello! My name is Nazbi. I'm a treasure hunter and adventurer extraordinaire, undaunted by even the coldest snow! This area is frozen solid and packed with monsters. No one in their right mind would set foot here. Except me, of course! There surely must be treasure resting here on this mountain, where everyone else fears to tread! That's what drove me to travel all this way to Mount Lanayru. Until I saw you, I really thought I'd be the only one. You must be here for the same reasons I am. And if you are, you'll be wanting to know what I know about the treasure. The truth is, by sheer luck I overheard a legend relating to the treasure on this mountain while I was on my way here. I knew I was a genius for assuming there was treasure on Mount Lanayru! Do you want to hear the legend too? Great! Then listen up! For I am Nazbi, the treasure hunter with nothing to hide!" — Nazbi, Tears of the Kingdom
  2. "The legend goes like this..."Skim across snow, from the spring high in the heavens to the mountain below. Pass through the rings of light to see the Light of Blessing." What do you think? That was the real legend of a real treasure, passed down on this very mountain! And you know that with a name like Light of Blessing, the treasure's gotta be worth a bundle!" — Nazbi, Tears of the Kingdom
  3. "Huh? You found it?! The spring high in the heavens the sky? You went through the rings of light and a shrine appeared?! How do I put this delicately... Way to go! That's amazing! As a kindred spirit, I'm not upset at all that you found the mountain's treasure. I'm proud! The treasure is yours, of course. No need to split it with me! Because, you see...I'm Nazbi, the treasure hunter who knows that the past is the past. I look only to the future! That said, I think I'll stick around on this mountain a while longer. Find one legendary treasure doesn't rule out there being more to discover! Till we meet again, my kindred spirit in risking life and limb to chase legends!" — Nazbi, Tears of the Kingdom