Dah Hesho

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Dah Hesho
Dah Hesho Model





A Minor Test of Strength



Dah Hesho is a character found in Breath of the Wild. He is a Sheikah Monk who serves the Goddess Hylia by guarding the Dah Hesho Shrine. After successfully completing the shrine's puzzles, he will give Link a Spirit Orb.

Like the other Sheikah Monks, Dah Hesho has three rings on each of his hands, with one ring on each side looped into another one. He can be seen pressing his fists against each other. Dah Hesho has the identical attire and identical pose as Katah Chuki, Noya Neha, Dah Kaso and Pumaag Nitae. While Dah Hesho has different attire, he has the identical pose as Tutsuwa Nima, Kema Kosassa, Hia Miu, Ta'loh Naeg, Tena Ko'sah, Namika Ozz, Shoqa Tatone, Mozo Shenno, Goma Asaagh, and Chaas Qeta.