Boom Bam Golf

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Boom Bam Golf





20 Rupees


Knock the ball into the hole.


Boom Bam Golf is a mini-game located at the Tanagar Canyon Course in Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

The game is located directly beneath the Tabantha Great Bridge, where Link will find a Goron named Modar. For 20 Rupees, Link can play the game.[1] The game works like a single hole of golf. The goal is to try and get the ball in the hole by the flag pole in as few hits as possible.[2]

Link will need to use Stasis to freeze the ball, before then hitting it with weapons. Two-handed weapons - such as the Iron Sledgehammers found right by the Goron - are the way to go, as they will launch the ball the furthest. Swords and other one-handed weapons are better used for shorter distances.[3]

The course is pretty set and if at anytime the ball rolls off the course, Link will be penalized by one-stroke and the ball will be placed back at its previous location.[4]


To earn the top prize, Link will need to hit the ball into the hole in three shots.

  • For the first shot, use an Iron Sledgehammer and after using Stasis, hit the ball as many times until the arrow turns red. Don't aim for the flag pole, but instead, just aim straight down the course.
  • For the second shot, once again use a two-handed weapon and hit it until the arrow turns red. Again, don't aim for the flag pole, but aim straight down the course so the ball doesn't fall off.
  • For the third shot, hit the ball either four or five times with the Iron Sledgehammer, and this time, aim it right at the flag pole. As the ball can literally hit the flag pole, causing it to stop its forward momentum, the pole can be used to make the shot easier.

Hole in One

It is not possible to hit a hole in one, or even to make it in within two shots, without cheating. However, there are methods that Link can use to make a shot in a single hit. In the past, each time the game started, the ball was placed in exactly the same location. Link could've placed an object on that spot before starting the game and this could cause the ball to appear on top of that object. However, it has since been patched and the ball will now spawn in a different location when an object is placed on its starting location.

(Patched) Most notably, it possible to use Magnesis and grab one of the mine carts all the way from inside of Hyrule Castle. Link can make the very long trip all the way the Tanagar Canyon, with the Minecart in hand. Then he can place the minecart right where the ball spawns. If done correctly, the ball will spawn inside the minecart. Link can then use Magnesis to carry the ball to the hole, without ever hitting it. Then, after getting it into the hole, tapping it once with a basic weapon will cause a hole in one.

When doing this method, if the ball falls off, or is not aligned properly. Link can grab the cart with Magnesis and just walk away from the game. This way the cart will not disappear and Link can try again.



Pins Hit Response Reward
11+ Shots
Yer score was... __?! Sheesh, kid. Boom Bam Golf ain't easy, but it ain't that hard! Aw, buddy. Well...don't give up, OK? Ya just need ta practice, practice, and then practice some more.
6-10 Shots
Hrm... Ya got a __ this time out. That ain't bad, but ya strike me as a guy who could do better. Don't worry. The games takes some practice ta figger out. They say every journey starts with a single stroke!
4-5 Shots
Yer score was...__! Yer gettin' ta be a real heavyweight, kid. Don't go thinkin' ya got it all figgered out, now! Keep at it, and set the highest record ever in Boom Bam Golf!
1-3 Shots
Ya got __?! Well, don't that beat all! Ya could be a pro Boom Bam Golfer! If there was a league...or other players... Whoa...I lost track of my stroke count. If I remember right, though, it was about the same as yers, give or take! Yer the kind player who's gonna make Boom Bam Golf hit the big time! Keep it up, and smash those high scores!


  1. Say no more! It's time ta tee off! Boom Bam Golf is go! At least, once I get that 20 rupees for the greens fee. Browns fee? Ehh. - Modar
  2. Ya don't know Boom Bam Golf?! It's famous! No one who's played it even once can get enough! I invented it the other day rolling down the hill, so I'm the only one who's played it. And I love it ta smithereens! I guess it makes sense that ya haven't heard about it, come ta that. It couldn't be simpler ta play! Whack the ball and try to knock it inta the hole at that flag. The fewer strikes it takes, the higher yer score! The best part? It only costs 20 rupees ta play! - Modar
  3. Two-handed weapons like hammers can really send the ball flying', but ya gotta take care not ta overdo it. Swords and one-handed weapons are better for short distances, but be careful ya don't break 'em playing' the game! Or ya can just go hold wild on the ball! The more power ya put inta yer swing, the further it goes flying! FOOOOORE! - Modar
  4. If the ball rolls off the course, ye take a one-stroke penalty and have ta keep going from where ya hit it. I'll keep tack of how many strokes it takes. Yer job is to get the ball in the hole in 20 strokes or less! How ya hit the ball is yer call. But the further ya can smash it with every smack, the better! If the ball moves even an inch, that counts as a stroke. Huh, I guess those rules ain't so simple after all. Whoops! - Modar