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Boom Bam Ghost






Modar is a character in Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

Modar can be found at the Tanagar Canyon Course, directly beneath the Tabantha Great Bridge. He can be seen standing next to a small Campfire, along with a tent. He wields a massive hammer and is wearing a backpack and his hardhat. There are a pair of Iron Sledgehammers located right at his camp.

Modar spends his entire time, day and night, running the Boom Bam Golf mini-game, where Link can play and win some rupees as prizes.[1] When Link first arrives, Modar is surprised to see him and thinks he must be real tough to survive a trip all the way this deep into the canyon.[2]

Boom Bam Golf

Main article: Boom Bam Golf

The Boom Bam Golf is a mini-game where Link plays one hole of golf. The goal is to hit the ball into the hole that is in the distance in as few shots as possible.[3] If at anytime, Link hits the ball off of the course, he will be given a one-stroke penalty and will have to repeat the shot.[4]

Link can play for just 20 rupees and it is advised that he uses the Iron Sledgehammers, located right next to Modar.[5] Through legitimate play, the best score Link can achieve is making the ball in the hole within three shots. Doing so will give Link a Silver Rupee as a reward. Making it in 4 or 5 shots, Link will earn a Purple Rupee. Where as 6 to 10 shots will give Link a Red Rupee.


  1. Aww, that ain't no fun. The course is always open, though. Yer welcome anytime! - Modar
  2. Holy moly! A Hylian? Here?! Ya must be tough as iron ta survive the trip out this way! Getting here must mean ya have the stones ta strut yer stuff in a round of... Boomb Bam Golf! Well? Are ya in? - Modar
  3. Ya don't know Boom Bam Golf?! It's famous! No one who's played it even once can get enough! I invented it the other day rolling down the hill, so I'm the only one who's played it. And I love it ta smithereens! I guess it makes sense that ya haven't heard about it, come ta that. It couldn't be simpler ta play! Whack the ball and try to knock it inta the hole at that flag. The fewer strikes it takes, the higher yer score! The best part? It only costs 20 rupees ta play! - Modar
  4. If the ball rolls off the course, ye take a one-stroke penalty and have ta keep going from where ya hit it. I'll keep tack of how many strokes it takes. Yer job is to get the ball in the hole in 20 strokes or less! How ya hit the ball is yer call. But the further ya can smash it with every smack, the better! If the ball moves even an inch, that counts as a stroke. Huh, I guess those rules ain't so simple after all. Whoops! - Modar
  5. Say no more! It's time ta tee off! Boom Bam Golf is go! At least, once I get that 20 rupees for the greens fee. Browns fee? Ehh. - Modar