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Soldier Constructs are enemies that appear in Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom

Soldier Constructs are mechanical enemies that hover just above the ground. They can be seen with a red glare coming out of their eyes, looking out for nearby intruders.

When Link draws near, they will float over to Link and engage in battle. They wield weapons that they can pickup from their surroundings, including Tree Branches. When they are knocked down, they will drop the weapon they are holding. Once they get back up, they will look around for a nearby weapon to pickup. While Soldier Constructs will battle with Link, they will also battle other enemies, such as Chuchu if they draw near.

There are four types of Soldier Construct. While the Soldier Constructs in some locations remain the same type, such as in Proving Grounds Shrines of Light, others upgrade to the next tier with increasing World Level:

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