A good or bad gimmick can elevate or detract from a game, and the Zelda series is unique in that every single game has a distinct, unique gimmick associated with it that makes them ripe for examination! This week, we’re diving in and discussing what’s worked and what needed improvement over the years with Zelda gimmicks; Dual worlds are a favorite staple, but maybe stylus or motion controls weren’t for everybody. Transforming via masks was likewise awesome, so why did transforming into a wolf fall flat? How can one multiplayer Zelda game have one of the best gimmicks in the series while another has the absolute worst?

All this is discussed in this box-of-gimmicks retrospective, PLUS, we hypothesize on what Breath of the Wild 2’s gimmick might end up being; spoiler – it’s a gimmick we’ve seen before! Come hang out with us!


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