Zelda Wii Rumor Opinions

Hey guys! Well, not long now until E3. A little under two weeks! Soon I’m sure we’ll get some much needed confirmation on our theories and desires for Zelda Wii, as well as some pleasant surprises. But until then I thought I’d make a video to go over the big pool of rumors posted here on Zelda Dungeon over the last few months. The rumors I cover in the video come from three main news posts:

Zelda Wii Information Leaked
More Zelda Wii Rumors
More Zelda Wii Rumors Floating Around

These are of course just that: rumors. These are not confirmed facts nor necessarily anything more than conjecture or wishful thinking. Nonetheless I thought it would be fun to go over them and discuss their likelihood of being true, comparing them with things like Nintendo’s history, statements and confirmations they’ve made, and probably some of my own opinion.

Rumors include stuff about the dungeon/field formula, the girl in the artwork, the Master Sword, what the new Link will be like, weapons and gameplay, Wii Motion Plus, if it will be the last Zelda game, and even how much the game will relate to Ocarina of Time.

Have you heard any other rumors? Got any more thoughts on the rumors I’ve brought up? Tell me in the comments!

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