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After the original Man at Arms team created Link’s Master Sword, the revamped Man at Arms: Reforged team have returned to the Zelda series, this time constructing the Fierce Deity sword from Majora’s Mask. Make the jump to check out this masterful team of craftsmen forge and use the iconic double-edged blade!

Any Zelda game is typically based on two great mechanics, puzzle solving and combat. Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma has already stated in a recent interview with Kotaku that puzzle solving in Zelda Wii U will drastically differ from the typical block sliding and torch lighting exercises. On the other hand, GameExplain has released a Zelda Wii U Trailer Analysis seen here and the most important piece of information related to combat is the fact that Link’s sword is holstered on…

Hello readers! Brian here with the thirteenth edition of “The Best and Worst of Zelda.” This week’s topic comes from the consistent and undying requests I get for a side quests editorial, specifically by one Ballad of Zelda, so thanks for the topic idea! Don’t forget to write your ideas for next week below! Though I won’t be writing one huge editorial involving every different side quest, breaking this massive category into manageable pieces will allow for a bit more…

This week on Monday Comic Corner we have something from Corpse Run Comics that I’m not exactly sure what to think about. The, “It’s dangerous to go alone” line that the old man in the cave from the very first Legend of Zelda has become something of a representation of the Zelda series, but this comic takes that line to a very different conclusion. Hit the jump to read the comic!

Corpse Run Comics always has a great Zelda comic, and this week we have a comic simply titled “Hiiiiya”. If you’ve played Ocarina of Time even once, that word will probably bring back fond memories of the first game to give Link voice characterization. But this comic isn’t a scene from Ocarina of Time, and you’ve probably already figured that out. Do you know what game it’s from? To find out and read the full comic, hit the jump!

The title for this week’s Windmill Hut says it all! I do not think there is a flutist on YouTube who has covered some of the songs that 8-BitBrigadier has. Though it is Halloween, jump in and take a moment to listen to these lighthearted Zelda cover songs!

This week’s Ocarina Time is up: “Fi’s Theme” from Skyward Sword. Jump on in to learn how to play it!

This week’s Ocarina Time is up! Jump in to see an ocarina tutorial for a version of Skyward Sword‘s “Ballad of the Goddess.”

Zelda is home to some of the strongest, most memorable sidequests in all of gaming. Their indisputable charm derives from the lovable cast of characters, variety of locations and the way these sidequests are executed. Hardly will two sidequests feel the same or even share a similar structure. Each feels hand-crafted and developed with care, which is why it’s so difficult to choose my ten favorite sidequests from the series. What constitutes a sidequest eligible of being on the list?…