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Zelda's Adventure





United States June 5, 1994






This is a list of the staff who developed Zelda's Adventure.

Producer Lee Barnes
Director Anna Roth
Production Executive Steve Radosh
Interactive Story Creation and Script Lee Barnes
Dave Cobb
Anna Roth
Jon Shannon
Christopher Thompson
Game and Technical Design Lee Barnes
Christopher Thompson
Art Direction Michael Hagler
Lead Software Engineering, Sprite Technology Randy Casey
Software Engineering Michael L. Stein
Gavin James
Eric Milota
World and Shrine Graphics Pei Ling Lee
Mark Rosenbluh
Sandy Mar
Character Graphics and Animation Scott Kravitz
Deborah Campbell
Video Production Jim Belcher
Models and Prosthetics Jason Bakutis
Zelda Theme and Interactive Music Score Mark Andrade
Audio Design Jim Belcher
Wardrobe Patti Safian
Amanda Farrant
Photography Viridis
Production Management Janet Hahn
Production Coordination Diane Burns
Susan Wassermann
Casting Roxanne Rogers
Human Sprites Mark Andrade
Chris Angelli
Jason Bakutis
Sandeep Bhatia
Deborah Campbell
Randy Casey
Andy Davidson
Myles Davis
Ken Ellinwood
Gavin James
Dennis Kopp
Pei Ling Lee
Susan Lee
Laurel Manns
Sandy Mar
Eric Milota
Patrice Paul
Randy Picolet
Mary Jo Reutter
Michael L Stein
Jill Strawbridge
Robin Sullivan
Drew Topel
Eric Wang
Production Assistants Myles Davies
Richard Davis
Raz Havardi
James Bancroft
Special Thank You Annie Ward
Center Theatre Group
Patty Dufficy
Getchen Keene
The beings and folk of Tolemac
Zelda Makeup Carlann Matz
Zelda Diane Burns
Annie Ward
Gaspra Mark Andrade