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Trott is a character from Breath of the Wild

Breath of the Wild

Trott can be found patrolling just outside of the Outskirt Stable, where he serves as the apprentice to the stable master, Embry.[1] While he is just an apprentice at the moment, he does have desires to one day own his own stable.[2]

Trott was assigned to the Outskirt Stable by the Stable Association, which he appreciates, as a job is a job. However, they dispatched him to this location in the middle of nowhere and have him working around the clock. Working all day has gotten him to feel hazy all the time.[3][4]

After Trott is in a better mood, Link can speak with him about the stable and the surrounding areas. Trott mentions that to the north of the stable, Link will find the Hyrule Ridge, which is the best way to reach Rito Village. To the southwest, Link will find Gerudo Desert, but there are monsters all over the place, so Trott warns Link to be careful.[5]

Trott will also talk about the Lord of the Mountain, which can occasionally be found over on Satori Mountain. The mountain itself is full with animal life and Trott wonders what the meat of the Lord of the Mountain might taste like.[6]

At 9am each morning and 9pm each evening, Trott will walk behind the stable where he will take a break for a while.[7] He remains there until either noon or midnight before heading back to the front of the stable. If at anytime it begins to rain, Trott will take cover inside the stable and advises Link to do so as well.[8]

A Rare Find

Main article: A Rare Find

After talking to Trott, Link realizes he is quite tired and really wants to eat some meat to gain energy. Unfortunately, most of the meals at the stable are vegetarian.[9] Trott really wants some Raw Gourmet Meat to cook, which will begin the Side Quest.

Link is able to find some Raw Gourmet Meat by defeating various animals. The easiest common enemies to defeat are a Tabantha Moose or a Cold-Footed Wolf, which are found in the snowy regions of the Hebra Mountains and Gerudo Highlands. Alternatively, some characters will sell Link some Raw Gourmet Meat on rainy days, such as Mezer near the Dueling Peaks Stable, and Stamm, just east of the South Akkala Stable.

After acquiring some meat, Link can speak with Trott, who will offer to pay Link for some of the meat.[10] Trott will offer to pay Link a Silver Rupee in exchange for a cut of some raw gourmet meat.[11] After giving him the meat, this will complete the quest.

After completing the quest, Trott will tell him to keep bringing him some raw gourmet meat if he comes across it.[12] However, Trott will only take three cuts of meat each day.[13]



  1. Talk to our master Embry if you have needs, and ask the apprentice Trott if you need directions. - Myti
  2. I'm the stable apprentice here... I want my own stable one day, but I'm not sure I can handle working here until then... - Trott
  3. Heyyyyyy... We-welcome... - Trott
  4. Is it that obvious... I'm... into horses... So I got a job with the stable association, which is great and all, but... They dispatched my here in the middle of nowhere, which I can handle... But they have me working around the clock. I feel so hazy all the time... - Trott
  5. This is the Outskirt Stable. As you can see, we're way out in the boonies. North of here is Hyrule Ridge. That's the best way to get to Rito Village. Gerudo Desert is to the southwest, but there are a bunch of monsters out there, so be careful. - Trott
  6. There's this area just in front of Hyrule Ridge near Satori Mountain that's teeming with animal life every so often. I hear the Lord of the Mountain makes its home around there. I wonder what its meat tastes like... - Trott
  7. Thanks! Don't tell anyone I'm taking a break, OK? - Trott
  8. You'll get soaked outside. C'mon inside the stable. - Trott
  9. If only I could eat some meat for energy. But the stable meals are vegetarian for the most part. As, what I wouldn't do for some fresh-caught raw gourmet meat... - Trott
  10. Ahh...what I wouldn't do for some fresh-caught raw gourmet meat... Oh! That meaty aroma! You don't happen to have any raw gourmet meat on you, do you? I'm no freeloader, of course. I'll pay you well if you split it with me. - Trott
  11. For real?! Well, you don't have to tell me twice! I'll take one! Does 100 rupees work for you? - Trott
  12. Thanks to you, I'm starting to feel better about this job. I'm going to really work my hardest. If you get ahold of any more raw gourmet meat, hook me up! - Trott
  13. This is more than enough for today. If you get ahold of more raw gourmet meat, come see me tomorrow. - Trott