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Embry is a character in Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

Embry runs the Outskirt Stable, found just northwest of the Great Plateau and directly west of the Coliseum Ruins. He runs both the Stable and the Inn. When talking to Embry from outside, Link can take a horse, board a horse, or register a new horse.[1] From the inside of the stable, Link can talk to Embry to rent out a bed. Embry offers two types of beds, a regular bed for 20 rupees, and a Soft Bed for 40 rupees.[2]

Embry serves as the master of the stable and his an apprentice named Trott, who will give Link directions when asked.[3]



  1. Welcome! Welcome to our fine stable! Do you want to register a horse? Take one out for a ride? How can I help? - Embry
  2. Welcome! Will you be staying with us? A regular bed will cost you 20 rupees. A soft bed is 40. - Embry
  3. Talk to our master Embry if you have needs, and ask the apprentice Trott if you need directions. - Myti