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*[[Cooking in Breath of the Wild]]
*[[Cooking in Breath of the Wild]]
{{MagicNavbox|Breath of the Wild|Meals|cathide=1}}
{{Listbox|Breath of the Wild Hasty Meals}}
{{Cat|Breath of the Wild Meals}}
{{Cat|Breath of the Wild Meals with Effects}}

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Hasty Fish Skewer






"Grants a low-level movement-speed boost. A simple dish made by cooking chunks of fresh fish on a skewer."

— In-Game Description

Hasty Fish Skewer is a meal in Breath of the Wild. It is a variant of the Fish Skewer and can be cooked over a Cooking Pot, requiring specific ingredients to make, listed below.

Cooking Ingredients

Material Icons Quantity
Fleet-Lotus Seeds.png
Hyrule Bass.png

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