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Fuse Attack Power is a value used in Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom

Fuse Attack Power is a number that appears under the name of any material in Link's inventory once Link learns the Fuse ability.

The fuse attack power of an object or item is the amount it adds to the displayed power when fused to a one-handed weapon. For instance, fusing a Bokoblin Horn (fuse attack power 4) to a decayed Traveler's Sword with no weapon bonus (attack power 5) results in a "Boko Reaper" with attack power 9. The fuse attack power is readily shown for any material in Link's inventory, but all items which can be fused have a fuse attack power - for a weapon being fused to another weapon, this is the base attack power (without weapon bonus) of the weapon; while other objects such as Stone Talus Hearts can be discovered through experimentation.

When fused to two-handed weapons or spears, the error in the shown attack power of two-handed weapons (which is understated, at 95% of the actual power), or spears (which is overstated, at 132.68% of the actual power) also applies to the fused item itself. At higher powers, this can be significant - a Silver Lynel Saber Horn, with fuse attack power 55, effectively only contributes an actual attack power of 42 to a spear, given how much spears' power is overstated.

Items can also be fused to arrows and shields:

  • Arrows largely use the fuse attack power as displayed, but teeth and claws[List 1] double their fuse attack power when fused to arrows.
  • The fuse attack power boosts the shield bash attack power of a shield.

The fuse attack power also does not take into account additional properties of either the weapon or fused item. The Strong Fusion property of Gerudo weapons, for instance, doubles the fuse attack power of any item fused to them; while Water Warrior on Zora weapons doubles the entire weapon attack power - base, fuse and bonus - but only while wet. It also does not include the effect of any additional properties, such as elemental properties, which can add additional damage to a hit on top of the base number.