Forest Stage

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The Forest Stage is a hidden location in a cave in the Lost Woods. Link can show masks from the Happy Mask Salesman to the Deku Scrubs leading to 4 different reactions depending on the shown mask. When Link enters the Lost Woods, he can go to the right, left, right, left, and left again to find the hidden location. Butterflies is seen swarmed in the grass, indicating that there's a hole below them.


There are five possible responses that the Deku Scrubs will have when Link appears, depending on the Mask that he is presently wearing.

  1. The Deku Scrubs will crowd around Link and their leader will give him a Deku Stick Upgrade. (Skull Mask)
  2. The Deku Scrubs will look strange and will hide themselves from Link. Their leader will give him a Deku Nut Upgrade. (Mask of Truth)
  3. The Deku Scrubs will attack Link by spitting Deku Nuts. (Spooky Mask)
  4. The store music is played and the Deku Scrubs will start dancing. They will leave Rupees behind after they have finished their dance.
  5. The Deku Scrubs will just stare at Link.

Game Glitch

  • If you are playing the Nintendo 64 version of this game, you will not be able to get the Deku Nut upgrade if you have already acquired the Poacher's Saw, due to a glitch in the game. Making this one of the Permanently Missable Items in Ocarina of Time. This glitch was resolved and does not effect the Nintendo 3DS version of the game.




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