Fighter's Sword

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Fighter's Sword

"Fighter's Sword
Link's Uncle will give him the family-owned Fighter's Sword when he encounters him in Hyrule Castle. This Sword is lightweight and short.

The Fighter's Sword is a sword in A Link to the Past. It is the first sword that Link acquires in the game.

A Link to the Past

At the beginning of the game, Link's Uncle receives a telepathic message from Zelda to come and rescue her from Hyrule Castle. He takes the Fighter's Sword and Fighter's Shield with him, but at some point on his journey is fatally wounded. Link discovers his uncle in the secret passage to the castle courtyard, who entrusts Link with both the weapons and Zelda's safety before passing.

The Fighter's Sword is Link's primary weapon in the game. He can swing it to damage enemies, and perform a Spin Attack by holding the B button. It is replaced with the Master Sword once Link collects the three Pendants of Virtue and draws it from its pedestal in the Lost Woods.