Farore's Flame

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Farore's Flame

Farore's Flame is the first Sacred Flame collected in Skyward Sword. It is green in color and can be found in Farore's Flame Chamber[1] in the Ancient Cistern[2] within the Faron Province, after defeating Koloktos. Farore's Flame transforms the Goddess Sword into the Goddess Longsword.[3]

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  1. "You are currently located inside Farore's Flame Chamber. It is a sacred place protected by the power of the goddess. The sword-enhancing sacred flame is located here." — Fi, Skyward Sword.
  2. "To reach Zelda, you must enhance your sword using the sacred flames of the three provinces. The Water Dragon stated that Farore's Flame, one of the sacred flames, can be found in the Ancient Cistern." — Fi, Skyward Sword.
  3. "Tempered by Farore's Flame, this blade's edge is exquisitely sharp." — In-game description, Skyward Sword.