Death Bug

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Death Bug





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Purple Energy Ball


Death Bug is a boss found in Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland.


Death Bug serves as the final boss of the first dungeon, the Hero's Shrine. The boss is a giant bug whos main body is composed of Gold and Green Rupees. A face is found right in the center of the boss and is the bosses weak point. Death Bug will launch purple energy balls out towards Tingle, shooting out three at a time. Tingle has 10 Balloons on his back and he'll lose a balloon each time he's hit with an energy ball attack. However, if Tingle is holding a Tingle Bomb at the time, it will explode, knocking off three of Tingle's Balloons at once.

While the battle is going on the Death Bug will also release some larva on the ground floor. Teddy Todo can be seen walking around and will fight off all of the larva that are spawned.

In order to defeat the boss, Tingle can fly over and pickup a Tingle Bomb from the ground at the bottom of the screen. He then needs to avoid the Death Bug's attacks and drop the Tingle Bomb on the face on top of the enemy. Once Tingle picks up a Tingle Bomb, he has 15 seconds to use the Bomb before it explodes. If he cannot get close enough to the Death Bug, he can just drop the Bomb and go pickup another one. After each bomb drop, Death Bug will slowly starting turning brown and then red. Successfully dropping three Tingle Bombs will defeat the Death Bug.

As a reward for defeating Death Bug, Tingle will get up to 1,000 Rupees, as well as the Metal Rupee.

Pinkle Dialogue

Hi! It's Pinkle! Tingle... can you hear me? That's one scary monster! Defeat it to get the treasure! I wonder where its weak spot is?

That bomb looks like it would work on the monster! I nearly forgot! You haven't used bombs before have you, Tingle? Don't worry! Bombs are very simple to use! Fly up close to the bomb then touch the bomb to pick it up. When you want to throw the bomb touch it again. Follow those instructions and use the bomb on its weak spot!

Be careful the balloons on your back don't burst!