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Dampé is the gravekeeper of the Kakariko Graveyard. During Link's childhood, Dampé can be found patrolling the graveyard at night and will start his own Gravedigging Tour upon request for 10 Rupees, digging up anything from Rupees to a Heart Piece that Link can pick up. The items that he digs up appear randomly. During the day, he is at his shack sleeping, and if Link tries to interact with him, he'll just tell him to "buzz off".

Sometime during Link's seven year slumber, Dampé dies and become a ghost. When Link digs up his grave, he can find Dampé's ghost in a maze beneath the grave. Dampé will challenge Link to a race, and if Link wins, Dampé will allow Link to take his treasure, the Hookshot. Playing again and winning in under a minute will yield him a Piece of Heart.