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Hey, I'm Go_Dark_Link or GDL for short. I've been a fan of the Zelda series ever since my dad got us Ocarina of Time for the N64 when I was like 4. I love everything about the series, specially the music. My favorite game(s) is(are) OoT/MM and SS.



Sadly I don't own all of the Zelda Games. Mostly because I usually never buy handheld games. Still, I've played and beaten all the ones I could, some of them multiple times and in 3-heart runs.

Not Owned

Other Hobbies

Apart from playing Zelda and other videogames, I love writing. Ever since I was little writing has been my passion and I hope to one day pursue it professionally, whether it be with actual writing or maybe editing. Of course along with writing I love reading as well. Other hobbies include Role Playing, specially in a site called Age of War which is Zelda Roleplaying. Also I like doing math a lot and just watching the leaves in a meadow be blown away with the wind, or the waves crash against the shore at the beach... Or just watching movies :)