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Animal Troupe


To entertain people






The Animal Troupe is a group that is briefly mentioned in Majora's Mask by Guru-Guru. They are never seen in the game, but it is said that they are a group of performing animals that included Guru-Guru, donkeys, dogs, and other such animals in Termina.[2][1] The leader was a dog who possessed the Bremen Mask.[3][4] The dog was an amazing leader of the troupe, always having a stellar troupe no matter what animals he had to work with.[5] Also, he was a good instructor of the animals as his members matured quickly and became adults.[6]

Guru-Guru, in his jealousy and anger at the fact that a dog was the leader, stole the Bremen Mask from the dog.[7] He gives it to Link when he comes to visit him at the Laundry Pool during the night. He does this after Link allows him to tell his story about the troupe as a 'thank you' present and to get rid of it since he doesn't need it anymore.[8][9]


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