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Yefu is one of the Anouki in Anouki Village in Spirit Tracks

During the main quest in which Link must pair certain Anoukis together based on their preferences to form a villiage watch, Yefu is one of the Anoukis who must be paired. He doesn't want to work with anyone with big, flashy horns, as he needs someone who will work well in the field.[1] The only Anouki who meets these requirements is Honcho, the village chief.


  1. "You're pairin' us up to take out those monsters, yeah? Aw right! I, for one, am pumped and ready to send those jokers runnin' for the hills! Ya wanna know my name, huh? Well, I go by Agent Yellow! I mean, since we're formin' elite teams, I figured I needed a code name! Seriously though, my real name's Yefu. Now let's get down to business, yeah? My partner needs to move freely in the field, so flashy horns are a major no-no! Remember to keep it simple. That rule may save ya in the field one day. ...And NO, I don't just say that 'cause I got small horns!" — Yefu, Spirit Tracks.