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Tim O'Leary


Various Zelda Titles



Tim O'Leary is a member of the localization team at Nintendo of America. He joined the company in 2000, working as a translator. The first game in the Zelda series he worked on was The Wind Waker, where he is credited as North American Localization. Over the next two decades, O'Leary would work on several Legend of Zelda titles.

Release Game Credits(s)
2002 The Wind Waker North American Localization
2006 Four Swords Adventures Localization
2011 Ocarina of Time 3D NOA Localization Management
2011 Skyward Sword North American Localization
2013 The Wind Waker HD NOA Localization Management
2013 A Link Between Worlds NOA Localization Management
2014 Hyrule Warriors Localization Management
2015 Majora's Mask 3D NOA Localization Management
2015 Tri Force Heroes NOA Localization Management
2016 Hyrule Warriors Legends Localization Management
2017 Breath of the Wild NOA Localization Management
2019 Cadence of Hyrule Localization
2019 Link's Awakening (Switch) NOA Localization Management